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Clementi Distribution Centre (CDC)

Its location at the centre of Singapore places it at the best logistics location to provide distribution services to our customers. Besides the importing of cargos, to local delivery and exporting of local cargos, it also functions as a stock-point to handle the distribution services for electronics, food products and general cargos.

Warehouse features

  1. Racking system with in-house inventory management system to provide efficient store-in/out and stock-control.

  2. Air-con space for the storage of food products.

Description Unit
1 Land Area 14,958
2 Total Built - in Area
   1st Storey
   2nd Storey
   3rd Storey
   4th Storey
   Air-Conditioned Space


3 Cargo Lift (6 ton) Unit 2
4 OMNI Lifter (2 ton) Unit 4
5 Loading Bay Unit 10
6 Chasis Parking Bay (40 Ft) Unit 50
7 Forklift (2.5 ton) Unit 12

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