State-of-the-Art Distribution Centre

Sankyu is an assets base company. We provide optimum storage environment and distribution services for your products and materials with 3PL Company Scheme and Zero GST scheme to support customer SCM (Supply Chain Management) requirement.

We promote the use of bulk containering services to reduce logistics cost.

Special - Bulk Containering Service

We have the skills and expertise to handle bulk containers, which involves the charging of our customers' products into special-bulk containers

Sea Bulk Containering Service

Our patented method of bulk-containering helps to convert conventional containers into bulk containers.

Repackaging Services

We have specialised equipment to facilitate the repackaging of our customers' products according to their requirements, thereby adding flexibility and reducing costs for our customers. (Fleconbag Paper/Polyethylene Bag)

Measurement To Paper/Polyethylene Bag 10-30kg To Flecongbag 1000kg (Max)
Capacity 120 Bags/hr
Filling Products Pellet, Powder

Our warehouses are located at:

Tuas Logistics Hub(TLH)

Located at Tuas industrial estate, it serves as a Logistics Hub to provide the best distribution services for our customers ranging from Nutritional, Pharmaceutical, General cargos, VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) to global distribution.

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Clementi Distribution Centre(CDC)

Its location at the centre of Singapore places it at the best logistics location to provide distribution services to our customers. Besides the importing of cargos, to local delivery and exporting of local cargos, it also functions as a stock-point to handle the distribution services for electronics, food products and general cargos.

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Tuas Integrated Distribution Centre(TIDC)

TIDC is located at Tuas Industrial estate, its another investment of Sankyu Singapore beside existing 2 warehouses (TLH & CDC) and provide excellent distribution service for our customers with our exisiting Inhouse Integrated Warehouse Management System (IPS). It's a cutting edge inventory management system that assists our clients to manage daily incoming and outgoing shipments and customize their needs for the report that to be generated according to individual specification.

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